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Cleaning your windows can be a real pane, why not let us do it for you?

Whether you're selling your home, tidying up your storefront, or just want to get the most out of your home’s beautiful view, our team of experienced window cleaners will be there to help make your vision a reality.


Bad Hombres Window Cleaning serves a wide range of clientele in


and its surrounding areas.


Anyone with a spray bottle and a newspaper can clean a window, that’s why at Bad Hombres Window Cleaning we sell customer service first and clean windows second! We strive to provide our customers with a streamlined window cleaning experience from the first call all the way to the final touch-up. Our crew is dedicated to making sure every one of your needs is met before we move on to our next appointment. If any of our crew members are unable to assist you, our office staff is at the ready to address any questions or concerns.


Each one of our crew members is individually trained to handle any and all of the following services:

Window Cleaning

Includes cleaning of both interior and exterior window surfaces, wiping down of tracks frames and sills, and dusting of any screens.

Gutter Cleaning

Includes hand removal of debris from gutter, rinsing, and unclogging of gutter and downspouts if necessary.

Pressure Washing

Includes the use of a gas powered pressure washer to clean concrete and any other durable surfaces used on areas such as driveways, decks, rooves or home exteriors. Additional chemicals may be used to treat areas of mold or mildew.

All residential and construction jobs have a $100 minimum fee.

We Offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

At Bad Hombres Window Cleaning the job is not done until you are satisfied.



We'll Match the Price of Our Competitors!

Window Cleaning

starting at


per pane

GUTTER Cleaning

starting at


per foot

pressure washing

starting at


per sq ft


Services such as cleaning skylights, track detailing, and hard water or rust removal are subject to an extra charge to be decided on a per-job basis. Please let us know while booking your appointment if you would like to add any additional services. Every cleaning will receive an itemized on-site confirmation of the total price before we start any work to ensure complete transparency.

Why Charge Per Pane instead of Per Window?

Our pricing is decided by the pane to account for the various types of windows that may be in your home. For divided windows we count panes by the columns or rows (whichever is greater) of 'lites' in each pane. This way we hope to appropriately schedule jobs and alleviate any miscommunication between our clients and ourselves concerning what constitutes a 'window'.


What is your cleaning process?

Window cleaning is a mechanical process like washing your hands. We use a cleaning agent called Glass Gleam 4™ diluted with water to degrease and soften the debris on the surface of your windows.

Our cleaning process is as follows:
1. We use a mop to apply our cleaning agent to the surface.
2. We use an abrasive to loosen any debris on the surface. (This step is skipped indoors for tinted glass.)
3. We use a squeegee to remove debris along with excess water on the surface.

For windows that we are unable to reach by hand, we use a WaterFed system. This system uses water from your property fed through a filter and then through a telescopic pole with a brush on the end. We thoroughly scrub your windows with this brush and rinse off any loose debris with the filtered water. Normally we would be concerned about streaking or spotting that would occur with evaporated water, but the filter ensures that the water evaporates without leaving a trace.

Do i have to be home?

We understand that booking an appointment around your work schedule can be a difficult task, which is why we don't require anyone to be home. If you are planning on being absent while our crew cleans your windows, we just need to know exactly what windows to clean, how to access the property, and any quirks or features that you would like for our crew to keep in mind regarding your home. Our crew will relay any and all pertinent information to you over phone or email prior to starting the job.

what is your policy on canceling or rescheduling?

We ask that you inform our office of any request to cancel or reschedule at least 48 hours in advance as to allow us time to schedule another appointment in place of yours.

will the weather be an issue?

Generally we only reschedule due to any weather conditions that could be considered unsafe or cause hazards on the job site. This includes active precipitation, daily high temperatures below 37° F, and wind speeds above 50 miles per hour. We try to inform our clients of any such rescheduling before or within our arrival window for each job


For cleaning of interior or exterior only, we charge half the normal rate per pane.


Bad Hombres Window Cleaning provides coverage to


and surrounding areas. If you are outside of our service area you may be subject to a small service fee when scheduling a cleaning. We may be able to waive any such fees if you can convince a neighbor or two to schedule a cleaning on the same day. Please contact our office for more details!


We will send someone out as soon as possible upon receiving your request for a free estimate. In our experience, it is best to give our estimates in person just to make sure we are up to the task and everyone is on the same page. Nobody needs to be home for the estimate, we will just be walking around the property to get a window count and make note of any specifics to your home. Alternatively, we can attempt to find information or photos of your home online to get an estimate to you as soon as possible, whatever works best for you. If there are any details you would like our window professional to be aware of when inspecting your property (dog, gate, directions), please let us know in the “Notes and Comments” section.

Once you approve our estimate along with our terms of service, we can add you to our schedule at your earliest convenience. We look forward to meeting you soon and earning your business!

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